Cargomen’s continued support to Corporates amid pandemic times

Cargomen Logistics has always been at the forefront when it comes to supporting the country to fight Corona. One such endeavour taken at Cargomen is to “support the corporates”. 

Due to pandemic Cargomen customers are constantly looking for support from their vendor partners including how the incoming goods like import documentation will be handled, DTA receipts filing for goods received at their SEZ locations, due to vehicular restrictions how to transport the goods, how to arrange the labour for material handling, where to store the goods since the factories and sites were closed Cargomen Logisticians are up and running, and the business continuity plans we have in place have prevented significant disruption to work productivity or customer service.

Client Pain Areas 

  • Lockdown imposition causing and vehicle movement restrictions as a result of the state-imposed curfew and suspension of all transport services Air, Rail and Road (except transportation of essential goods). Progressive shutdowns/ restrictions imposed on services 
  • Delivery for essential services only permitted 
  • Employees spread across remote locations were not able to come to pick up assets from offices 
  • Clients were facing challenges in delivering the IT assets to their employees at remote locations 
  • Delayed response due to restrictions on physical movement of personnel and Availability of Govt. officials at concerned officials 

Cargomen Solution 

  • Arranged Transport solutions for various remote delivery locations 
  • Arranged Charter freight to pick goods from and major cities 
  • Facilitated customers from our warehouse for hyperlocal deliveries 
  • Created 3 warehouses at Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Delhi for customers enabling their employees to collect and deposit IT assets. Warehouses adhere to the security standards customised for client 
  • Delivered IT assets at remote locations for employees during pandemic 
  • Created centralised Document Service centre to handle DTA receipts 
  • Our office staff continues to work remotely e.g. Staff working from home and they have been issued necessary IT Infra to support your business. 
  • We have multiple sites or back up sites that can provide service should our primary site have to shut. 
  • We have adequate resiliency should staff need to go into quarantine or become ill.

Value Delivered 

  • Fully functional Document Service Centre (DSC) to meet the BCP enabling our customers to meet documentation & clearance of shipments 
  • Fully operational warehouses at 3 locations compliant with client standards 
  • Managed more then 30000 IT assets during pandemic 
  • 40000+ DTA, temporary removal and clearance jobs managed during pandemic

It is aptly said, “When there is a will, there is a way” and this is what Cargomen did to lend support in the tough times of pandemic.