CBIC Notification – Week 42th

1. Notification No. 60/2023 – Customs, Dated 19th October, 2023.

Seeks to amend notification no. 50/2017-Customs in order to implement recommendations made by the GST Council during its 52nd Meeting with respect to GST rates on goods.


2. Notification No. 76/2023 – Customs (N.T.), Dated 19th October, 2023.

Exchange rate notification. There is an Increase and Decrease In the exchange rate of the foreign currencies.


3. Notification No. 77/2023 – Customs (N.T.), Dated 13th October, 2023.

Revised All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback.


4. Notification No. 34/2023 – Central Excise, Dated 17th October, 2023.

Seeks to amend No. 18/2022-Central Excise, dated the 19th July, 2022 to reduce the Special Additional Excise Duty on production of Petroleum Crude and reduce the Special Additional Excise Duty on export of ATF.


5. Notification No. 35/2023 – Central Excise, Dated 17th October, 2023.

Seeks to further amend No. 04/2022-Central Excise, dated the 30th June, 2022, to reduce the Special Additional Excise Duty on export of Diesel.

  • against S.No.2, for the entry in column(4), the entry “Rs.4perlitre”shall be substituted.

DGFT Notification – Week 42th

1. Public Circular No. 05/2023-24 – Dated 16th October, 2023.

Clarification regarding subsequent re-import of unsold jewellery, exported for the purpose of exhibition abroad in terms of above paras under ITC(HS) codes 71131911 & 71131919 may be allowed clearance by custom authorities without import licence in compliance with applicable customs provisions.

https://content.dgft.gov.in/Website/dgftprod/a7a537b3-ee8a-4b1d-9426 2ba123a1290f/Policy%20Circular%2005%20dt%2016-10-2023.pdf

2. Notification No. 36/2023 – Dated 18th October, 2023.

Restriction on export of Sugar (Raw Sugar, White Sugar, Refined Sugar and Organic Sugar) is extended beyond 31.10.2023 till further. Other conditions will remain unchanged.


3. Notification No. 37/2023 – Dated 18th October, 2023.

Export of Non-Basmati White Rice (Under HS code 10063090) to Nepal, Cameroon, Cote d’ Ivore, Republic of Guinea, Malaysia, Philippines and Seychelles is notified.


4. Policy Circular No. 06/2023-24 – Dated 19th October, 2023.

Implementation of Import Management Systems for IT Hardware. Reference SEZ Rule 27 and Para 6.01(d) of the FTP 2023, SEZ units and EOUs/EHTP/STPI/BTP are not required to obtain a ‘restricted import authorisation’ for import of IT hardware restricted vide Notification 23/2023 dated 03.08.2023.

https://content.dgft.gov.in/Website/dgftprod/7d029b5d-3992-4034-891d 13a3a69aaa64/Policy%20Circular%2006%20dated%2019-10-2023-.pdf

5. Trade Notice No. 30/2023 – Dated 19th October, 2023.

The last date for submission of information to the RoDTEP Committee in the designation formats as given in Annexure B (Part1 and Part 2) is 30th November 2023.


6. Trade Notice No. 31/2023 – Dated 19th October, 2023.

Discontinuation of Issuance of Physical copy of Restricted Import Authorisation with effect from 19.10.2023


7. Notification No. 38/2023 – Dated 19th October, 2023.

  1. Import of IT Hardware manufactured in SEZ into DTA and Import by private entities on behalf of Central and State Government entities , for Defence and security purposes shall be exempt from an import Authorisation
  2. Exemption from import authorisation is provided up to 20 items per consignment for R&D, Testing, Benchmarking and Evaluation, Product Development purposes. Exemption is further provided for import for repair and/or return and/or replacement of IT Hardware sold earlier as well as re-import of such items repaired abroad on self-certification basis.

SEZ Online Notification – Week 42th

Exchange rates vide notification 76/2023 effective from 20th Oct 2023 have been updated in SEZ Online.