CBIC Notification – 47th Week

1. Notification No. 85/2023 – Customs (N.T.), Dated 23rd November, 2023.

Appointment of Common Adjudicating Authority i.r.o. M/s Goldripe International Pvt. Ltd. Meerut, Uttar Pradesh.


2. Notification No. 12/2023 – Customs (A.D.D), Dated 21st November, 2023.

Seeks to continue levy of anti-dumping duty on “Synthetic Grade Zeolite 4A (Detergent Grade) from China PR for 5 years pursuant to First Sunset Review Final Findings issued by DGTR.”


3. Notification No. 13/2023 – Customs (A.D.D), Dated 22nd November, 2023.

Seeks to further amend notification No. 47/2021-Customs (ADD), dated 26th August, 2021, imposing Anti-dumping Duty on imports of “Natural mica-based pearl industrial pigments excluding cosmetic grade” from China PR, to modify the existing duty table.


DGFT Notification – 47th Week

1. Notification No. 44/2023, Dated 20th November, 2023.

Valid India – UAE TRQ holders as notified by IFSCA can import gold through IIBX against the TRQ and can obtain physical delivery of the same through IFSCA registered vaults located in SEZs as per the guidelines prescribed by the IFSCA.


2. Notification No. 45/2023, Dated 23th November, 2023.

Export of onion is “Free” The minimum Export price (MEP) of US $800 F.O.B per metric ton (MT) is imposed till 31st December 2023. Notification No. 42/2023 dated 28/10/2023 (S.O. 4719(E)) is superseded.